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The Process

Jesse_Sig for Watermark_edited.png
Dubrovnik Raw.jpg

Original Image

JM will find the subject for the piece and take a raw photo at various times of day to find a range of colors and lighting.

Artistic Filter Added

JM changes the original photo using a series of tools which increases vibrance and effect to establish his signature style. Images are then watermarked and copyrighted so they cannot be duplicated.


Final Version

Customers can choose from nearly 200 prints and place an order for fulfillment. Watermarks and Copyright symbols are removed and JMart signature is applied when the order is placed. Typically pieces purchased through the store can be delivered in 10-14 days and all are printed on aluminum to further accentuate the colors and effects. 

At Your Door

The final version will be delivered on high quality aluminum in the standard 20 x24" size and comes with hangers so it can be immediately hung to transform any room. 

Final Product.jpg
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