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Born in Jackson Hole, WY the artist, JM was lucky to be surrounded by beauty from a young age. While he did not begin traveling internationally until much later, he always had a passion for photography and long before digital cameras were available he would shoot rolls and rolls of film. 

After attending college at the University of Colorado in Boulder and spending nearly nine years living in San Diego, JM's passion for travel was ignited and while working in the travel industry he was fortunate to begin exploring international destinations in every continent. 

Whether enjoying exotic landscapes in Bali and Thailand, wildlife in Africa, or all of Europe's architectural and cultural wonder, JM was snapping as many quality photos as he could--trying to capture a moment that he knew others may not be lucky enough to enjoy in person. It was after a number of these trips that his peer group and social sphere began complimenting not only his adventures, but his eye for the extraordinary, and after playing around with raw photos his unique style was discovered. The current collection features less than 200 pieces (chosen from more than 19,000 total photos) which bring the vibrant colors, scenes, and essence of the original work into an abstract and engaging medium. 

All photos in the JMart collection are 100% original works and the elements and colors are highlighted and accentuated through his artistic process.


Simply put, "he won't put his name on it if it he doesn't find it spectacular.

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